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North Country Weather (NCW) is your reliable source for any sort of meteorological information, anywhere in the world. Our meteorologists have decades of experience forecasting for all areas of the world, and can tailor a forecast to whatever meets your needs. Whether you are operating a ski resort in the mountains of New England, trying to determine weather for a slip-and-fall legal case, or are wondering the best time of year to plan a special event, North Country Weather will provide you the information you need.

NCW specializes in ski resort forecasting across the mountains of the Northeastern United States. A ski resort owner/operator often wonders whether or not conditions will be conducive to snowmaking, or if an upcoming snowstorm will be strong enough to hinder traffic in and
out of your resort during a big ski weekend. 

Detailed, accurate forecasts will keep you informed of all surrounding weather features, as well as predicted temperatures, chance of precipitation, cloud cover, wind directions and speeds. Our forecasters are skilled in all aspects of meteorology, and can provide any kind of weather information that you need.

We also specialize in retrieving historical or climatological data for private interests worldwide. North Country Weather has access to decades of weather information for all regions of the United States, as well as selected areas around the world. If you are planning a function months in advance, and wish to have insight on which time of year would be best to organize your function, a climatological study by North Country Weather may assist you in your planning. 

Climatological data and past weather observations can prove very useful in court cases, especially to provide an accurate description of the conditions at the scene of an accident. Our large database of weather information will allow us to find almost any type of relevant weather condition, at any time, anywhere in the United States, as well as
many other areas around the world. 

However the weather may affect your business, you can rely on North Country Weather's meteorologists to help you make the smartest and most cost-effective weather-related decisions.


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