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North Country Weather can also assist you in planning special outdoor functions such as corporate picnics, weddings, outdoor arts festivals, as well as several other weather-dependent events. Nothing is worse than spending thousands of dollars on an outdoor event, then having no one show up because of inclement weather. In many parts of the United States (as well as the rest of the world), the time of year you choose to plan these events can be crucial.

Glens Falls Climate Summary 

Of course, climatology is based on "average" conditions experienced in a given area at a given time. No one can tell you whether it's going to rain on any given day nine months in advance. But NCW's climatology studies can tell you what time of year you can most or least likely experience inclement weather, so you don't plan for the wrong time of
year to hold a special event.

As you get closer to the event date, NCW can provide more detailed forecasts, so you can keep tabs on how the weather situation is actually developing for your event.

With all the time and expense which goes into planning a special event, a simple check of the typical weather for the event date can help you be confident that your guests will have an enjoyable time.


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