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"What's the weather going to be like when we're on the mountain?"

It's a question many of your guests will ask before they hit the slopes at your ski area. They can turn to local forecasts, but little do they know that most local forecasts are for larger towns that are usually at a lower elevation than even the base lodge of your resort. This misleading information can cause them to dress for a nice spring-like day, when in reality, they will have to contend with subzero wind chills at the top of the mountain.

NCW's daily ski area forecasts provide your guests with detailed weather information in an easy-to-read format that most people can understand. Our forecasts distinguish between elevations - something most public forecasts don't do - so your guests can be prepared for any type of weather they would experience.

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A typical daily forecast includes sky cover, chance of precipitation (snow or rain), high and low temperatures, and wind.  Along with the forecast comes a general synopsis of the weather features that are affecting or are forecast to affect the area. We can also add other parameters (such as windchill and visibility) to tailor the forecast to your needs.

North Country Weather's forecasts will make your guests aware of the weather they will likely experience, so they can spend their vacation having fun on the slopes, rather than worrying about the weather!


daily forecasts  online forecasts   snowmaking   ski links 

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