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Any producer knows that the weather can play a major part in enhancing or taking away from the mood of any given scene. Are you looking for a period of stormy weather to set the stage for a tense moment in your film? Or do you want the weather to be sunny and warm for that great beach shot? North Country Weather's staff of professional meteorologists can tell you what to expect, so you don't waste production costs waiting for the weather to behave as you wish.

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We have experience forecasting for all areas of the world, from the Southern California coastline to Cannes, from Tokyo to Rio, North Country Weather covers it all. Waiting for the weather can cost thousands of dollars in wasted crew hours, as well as precious production time. Many regions of the world do not have reliable local forecasts, so why leave it up to chance to decide whether or not to plan a film shoot for a given day? With North Country Weather's forecasts, you can efficiently plan appropriate shots for given days based on the weather. 

Our weather forecasts are individually prepared, based on your specific location and need. Forecasts include expected sky conditions, wind speed and direction, temperatures, and any expected precipitation, including timing of its onset and cessation. We can also provide times of sunrise and sunset if these should be required. Our forecasts are constantly reviewed throughout the day and we do not hesitate to send updates. These updates are at no extra cost to you, as our fees are based on daily rates.

Another of NCW's specialties is our marine forecasting. If you have a shot planned on board a yacht, or if you want to know when the surf's up for your upcoming surfing film, our meteorologists are professionals at wind and wave forecasting for all ocean basins around the world.

Regardless of your weather request, North Country Weather has you covered. With decades of forecasting experience, our meteorologists will tailor a detailed, accurate forecast to your exact needs. With NCW watching your weather, you can concentrate more on other important aspects of your production!

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