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Detailed, location specific forecasts customized to your hotel!

Weather plays an integral role in many activities that hotel guests enjoy and accurate weather forecasts are indispensable. Television stations only have a few minutes to cover a huge geographic area often over several states and regions. Because of this, forecasts tend to be broad brushed. Even worse, online sources are all made automatically by a computer with little human interaction. Many hotels and resorts have mentioned that guests sometimes cancel trips due to these inaccurate forecasts.

NCW is pleased to announce a local forecasting service designed specifically for hotels and resorts. Each day, your hotel(s) would receive a forecast tailored specifically for their specific location. These forecasts are sent daily by 7:00AM and can be passed out to guests, or posted in the lobby.

Click below on the sample forecast link to view one of our detailed forecasts. Each forecast contains a weather synopsis, a short and long range outlook, sunrise/sunset times, and other miscellaneous information. NCW will arrange the information based on your needs, as well as include your hotel/resort logo.

Sample: Hotel/Resort Forecast Click to Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Another service we offer is severe weather monitoring, where we contact you if severe weather threatens. This provides a level of safety for your hotel, so that you may close pools, etc. until the storm has passed. No TV station or internet source can offer this personalized service!

A free trial week can be arranged at any time for you to evaluate our services. Our monthly cost is low and would depend upon the weather services desired. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange a free trial.

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