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Historical weather data from North Country Weather can assist you in providing an accurate representation of the conditions surrounding a past event. This can prove especially useful in court cases where the weather played a major role during a given incident. NCW's large climatological database has decades worth of weather information for all United States reporting stations, as well as other selected areas of the world.

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For example, your client may claim that he or she slipped on ice in front of a local store. Of course, it is impossible to prove that case unless you can first prove that the temperature at the time of the accident was at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Our archived hourly observations can usually tell you exactly what the temperature was within 30 minutes
of the accident, even if the accident occurred ten years ago.

Our archived data from the United States is based on official National Weather Service observations, taken at hourly intervals, in all areas of the country. When you use North Country Weather to provide you with this vital information, you can rest assured that this data has been checked several times for it's accuracy and integrity. Accuracy is what we
at NCW pride ourselves on, and we would not provide you with anything less

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