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El Nino, La Nina, and Neutral Years

Research on Temperatures, Precipitation, and Snowfall 
For Nine Cities in the Northeast


 This report will examine the effects of El Nino, La Nina, and Neutral years and how they effect snowfall, precipitation and temperatures in the Northeast since 1948. Years were broken up according to whether they were El Nino, La Nina, or Neutral, and then compared with the average conditions from 1948-2000. Nine cities were chosen across the Northeast to represent a variety of locations from the coast to the mountains. These cities including Binghamton, NY; Albany, NY; Glens Falls, NY; New York City, NY; Buffalo, NY; Burlington, VT; Boston, MA; Portland, ME; and Concord, NH.




1-Intro |  2-El Nino3-La Nina4-Neutral


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