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Your guests can check the weather at your ski area before they leave home with North Country Weather's online forecasts. Our online ski forecasts are much like our daily forecasts, tailored to your ski area and differentiating between base elevations and peak elevations. By viewing our forecasts online, they will be aware of the weather situation and will be able to pack appropriately based on the forecast conditions.

We upload the forecast daily for you, so you don't even have to think about it. This web page can either be placed on your website or our website, depending on which works best for you. With NCW's forecasts online, your guests will be able to receive a detailed, accurate forecast for your ski area from their own home.

For a graphical forecast that gives your guests all the information they need at a glance, NCW can provide your forecast in an image format which fits nicely on your homepage.

Sample Image

Our forecasts show sky cover as well as high and low temperatures for both base and peak elevations. We tailor this image to your needs. If you wish to have other weather information included (such as wind, windchill, etc.), we can provide that as well.

If you do not have room on your website for a link to a forecast, we can easily e-mail a forecast to you. This way, you can use our forecast in whatever way you wish. If you would like to include our forecast in a daily e-mail sent out to your regular guests, you may do so.

There are many possible ways North Country Weather's online ski area forecasts can benefit your ski operation. As a client of NCW, you can arrange to receive one or all of the above forecast formats. You and your guests will be able stay one step ahead of mother nature by keeping an eye on your webpage!


daily forecasts  online forecasts   snowmaking   ski links 

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