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Snowmaking is a critical and important factor in an Eastern ski resort's success. Many meteorological factors must be taken into account for proper snowmaking.

North Country Weather can help you plan for the best window for snowmaking. Whether you are opening trails for the first time, recovering after a mid-winter thaw, or touching up surfaces, we can provide you with the forecast weather information you need.

Each snowmaking forecast contains information such as base and summit temperatures, dewpoint, wind speed and direction, sky conditions, and precipitation for 48 hours. With this information, you will be able to gauge whether or not you need to prepare for snowmaking operations. Also, when good snowmaking conditions are in the forecast, you can use this information to advertise to the public and make them aware that a good ski weekend is coming up!

An extended outlook to four days is also included, as is a medium range outlook for the next 5-10 days. A forecast discussion included at the bottom of the forecast explains some of the reasoning of the forecast.

North Country Weather's Snowmaking Forecasts are an invaluable source of information to your resort operation!


daily forecasts  online forecasts   snowmaking   ski links 

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